Top 5 Best Fireplace Paint 2023

best fireplace paint

A fireplace is a central point of any living room. It is a crucial component of any living room’s design as well. So, it is essential to keep your fireplace looking aesthetic. How is it possible? You can paint your fireplace since painting a fireplace with the best fireplace paint can give it an aesthetic look. So, which time of paint is best for the fireplace?

The most important step before painting your fireplace is to pick the proper paint. Although there are a lot of paints available, fireplace paint should have some exclusive features. Heat-resistance, Indoor, and latex paint is the ideal kind of fireplace paint. It can have an eggshell, matte, high-gloss, as well as semi-gloss finish, but the eggshell finish is recommended.


However, there are several alternatives to latex paint that are appropriate, such as chalk or even acrylic paint. Choosing the best paint color for a fireplace will also be stressful. Here I listed the top 5 best paint for fireplaces. Let’s explore this list and choose the best one.

What Paint Color is best for a Fireplace?


You may completely alter the atmosphere of your personal room, basement, as well as a family room by updating the fireplace. You may create a pleasant, laid-back ambiance by painting the fireplace a fantastic color, from gentle tones to dark colors. So, now you may ask which color you should use or which color is best for the fireplace.

White/ Off-White Color


On a fireplace, white or even off frequently promotes a serene, neutral atmosphere. Regardless of whether your choices are more conventional or modern, it works nicely with a variety of furniture and design types. White color can also enhance the brightness of your room since it reflects much more light than other colors.

Gray/ Soothing Gray Color


A gray and soothing gray color only serves to emphasize how comfortable and warm a fireplace feels. As a neutral hue, it enables adaptable furniture and design. The mellow mood and centerpiece you desire may be achieved using gray. You have considerable flexibility with this color option. To get the right atmosphere, experiment with various gray paint colors.

Black Color


Are you seeking to provide your fireplace with a decent and aesthetic appearance? Think about giving your fireplace a black or deep black coat. The fireplace will become the room’s center point with lighter walls while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, black paint conceals flaws, giving the fireplace a renovated appearance.

Charcoal color


Consider employing charcoal color to give your fireplace a striking touch. It continues to be neutral and offers the other décor pieces in your space freedom. Additionally, charcoal tends to bring out the bricks’ inherent roughness. Select a charcoal fireplace to create contrast in your room and combine it with white walls.

5 Best Fireplace Paint


Painting your fireplace is a terrific and affordable method to give your room a new, modern look. However, it’s essential to understand which paint to choose. Make sure the paint sticks and doesn’t peel as a result of excessively hot temperatures. The Top 5 Best Fireplace Paint are as follows:

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint is the very first product on this list of the Top 5 Best Fireplace Paint. This chalked paint from Rust-Oleum is one of the best solutions for painting or repainting your fireplace. This premium-quality paint comes with different exclusive features that make it suitable for painting fireplaces.

Not only the fireplace but also you can apply this chalked paint to several surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, as well as canvas and much more. As was previously indicated, chalk paint may be used to create different ornamental effects in addition to the well-known German Smear effect.

While using chalk paint, comprehensive coverage is rarely the aim; therefore, a primer is typically not required. However, before applying this paint, you should apply primer to the surface to get superior outcomes. Furthermore, it comes with less odor, making it easy and safe to use. This paint also lets you clean the surface easily.


This Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint offers highly durable and long-lasting coating over the surface and can retain color longer. It also comes with a lot of color options that let you choose your preferred color. This paint takes less time to dry completely and also offers excellent coverage. After drying completely, it will give your fireplace a whole new and impressive appearance.


  1. It offers excellent adhesion on different surfaces
  2. It is super easy to apply with less preparation
  3. This paint lets you clean the surface easily


  1. Offer relatively less coverage than other paints

POR-15 High-Temperature Paint

POR-15 High-Temperature Paint​

Are you seeking the best paint for your metal fireplace? If you are, then this POR-15 High-Temperature Paint is one of the best ways to go through. It has the most unique anti-rust composition of any fireplace paint to protect from gas, oil, grease, and other substances. This will assist the paint to remain in place lengthier without peeling or breaking and provide you with a smooth texture.

It is an oil-based formula means it will provide a highly durable and long-lasting coating over the surface. This high-performing paint can stop corrosion and surface scratches when adequately applied, ensuring that it will last a very long time. For both indoor and outdoor applications, this paint offers exceptional capabilities for color retention, sturdiness, and water resistance.

The paint may be found in various hues to beautify the metal fireplace. Additionally, it will increase the paint’s resistance to heat up to 1200 degrees F. Both interior and exterior projects can be completed with this paint. It will provide an excellent outcome in both of these two situations.


The brand is well known for its rust-resistant layer and is frequently used to paint metal surfaces. Moreover, this paint takes less time to dry and offers excellent coverage to save you money. So, if you won a metal fireplace, this paint is the best option for painting or repainting your fireplace.


  1. It offers durable as well as a protective coating
  2. This paint is weather and moisture resistant
  3. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures


  1. This paint is relatively more expensive than others.

THE ONE Paint and Primer

THE ONE Paint and Primer​

THE ONE Paint & Primer is one of the professional-quality paints you can use to paint your fireplace. Because of its simplicity of use, speedy drying, and superior coverage, it succeeds. Moreover, this paint comes with an added primer that makes it easy to use. Its excellent finishing can make your fireplace much more stunning by providing an aesthetic appearance.

You may update your furnishings and other ornamental elements using this paint in addition to the fireplace. This paint comes in different colors as well as finishes so that you can choose your preferred one. Given that it is a water-based paint, the surfaces just need to be lightly prepared.

To guarantee that the paint doesn’t chip, you must then use a top coat of chalk paint. This paint is the ideal fireplace paint because of its quick drying time, simple application, and superior coverage. So, it will save your valuable time and bank balance as well.


This paint is available in both an opaque texture and a single finish. You may also use a second layer to achieve the texture you want. It is not, however, this painting’s negative feature to reiterate. Additionally, this paint offers compatibility with a variety of surfaces. Overall, it is a versatile paint that you can use to paint your fireplace.


  1. This high-quality paint comes with an added primer

  2. Non-toxic and less odor makes it safe and easy to use

  3. It ensures excellent coverage to save time and money


  1. This paint comes with limited color and finishes options

Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Paint

Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel Paint is the best option for painting your metal fireplace. Not only the fireplace, but this paint can use for painting high-temperature areas like barbeque grills, radiators, engines, wood-burning stoves, and other metal items. It can endure temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and is featured an oil-based mechanism to protect the metal from high temperatures.

In addition to indoor projects, this paint can also be used for outdoor projects. This paint’s enamel foundation offers it an extremely robust protective layer that shields it against corrosion, rust, as well as chipping. Additionally, the heat-resistance characteristic will aid in maintaining the color of this paint.

It is the ideal fireplace paint available since it has anti-rust as well as anti-corrosion properties and leaves a satin finish. It adheres to and sticks to somewhat rougher surfaces, like rougher metals, much better than polished ones. This paint applies like pleasure on surfaces that have been properly primed. As it dries, the area levels out and appears very expertly finished.


This high-quality paint features a satin black hue that seems a little glossier than the other paints. The satin black may be ideal for the fireplace, based on the appearance you want. However, one of the drawbacks of this paint is that it takes a relatively long time to dry completely. Overall, your metal fireplace will be sparkling like new after applying this paint.


  1. High-quality paint with color retention capability
  2. This oil-based formula offers a highly durable coating
  3. It takes less time to dry and offers excellent coverage


  1. Need to apply primer before applying this paint

Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash Paint

Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash Paint is the last best fireplace paint on this list. The highly pigmented composition of this paint is what makes it so popular. It easily absorbs and is designed particularly for brick. A variety of ornamental designs are complemented by the timeless appearance of whitewashed brick. This water-based, eco-friendly whitewash paint is made for simplicity of use.

Since it is a whitewash paint, adding water to it will allow you to adjust the coverage. If you desire a portion of the paint color of the underlying brick to show through, this is a great alternative. It will thus have a more rustic appearance than a contemporary one, which some people appreciate.

As a result of the brick’s inherent absorbency, no priming is necessary. The kit comes with everything you require to whitewash a variety of brick hues, making it perfect for fireplaces, walls, as well as interior decorations. However, this paint is simple to apply and even enjoyable! By altering the proportion of water with paint, you may alter the appearance of your completed item.


It ensures excellent coverage and lets you clean the surface with less effort. This paint is ideal to purchase if you want to make use of the personalization choices it offers, considering the price and quantity proportion. After all, you can’t go wrong with this high-performing paint.


  1. This paint offers a durable and long-lasting color
  2. It is easy to use with minimum surface preparation
  3. This paint has everything you need to paint a fireplace


  1. This paint is relatively expensive but worth it

How to choose the Best Fireplace Paint?: Buying Guide


There are many opinions on the best fireplace paint, partly because different products are utilized in different ways. The section that follows looks at significant factors relating to how different kinds of paint function, and how to choose the best one.

Paint Type

When you are going to purchase paint for your fireplace, choosing the type of paint is the first and foremost consideration you should take. There several types f paints are available like latex, acrylic, enamel, water-based, oil-based and much more. So, what type of paint is best for painting a fireplace?


You should choose a paint based on your fireplace material. If you have a concrete or brick-made fireplace, you should go for latex paint. Acrylic-based latex paint is the best option for this type of fireplace. On the other hand, if you have a metal fireplace, you should go for oil-based acrylic or enamel paint for painting your fireplace.

Paint Color

Choosing the best paint color will be a bit stressful for you. Not all paint color is best for a fireplace, and you should choose a color that can make your fireplace unique. So, which color is best for painting your fireplace? or which paint should you choose for a fireplace?


White color is the best option among others, and it is the most preferred color for the fireplace. You can also go for gray or soothing gray color, and this color can make your fireplace modern and aesthetic. It is also possible to paint your fireplace black color. Overall, you should choose a neutral color to paint your fireplace.

Type of finish

Selecting the finishing type is another important thing you should consider to choose the best fireplace paint. Paints are available in different finishes; however, not all finishes are best for fireplaces. So, what type of finish should you choose?

·        Eggshell Finish: This type of finish has a softer luster and emits a cozy light. Since fireplace brick has a textured surface, it is crucial that it be easier to apply and that it exhibits fewer flaws.

·        Semi-gloss Finish: It shines a significant amount of light but is more difficult to apply. If the space receives a lot of natural light, you might not want to apply semi-gloss since it might be obtrusive. Semi-gloss paint is furthermore less prone to stains and simpler to clean.

Heat resistance feature

It’s not really true to say that fireplace paint should always have a high level of heat resistance. For instance, some latex paint is suited for interior usage and has a temperature range of 120–200 degrees F. For masonry applications, this low-temperature resist stain will also be effective.


The fireplaces should be painted with chalk paint that has a high level of heat resistance. It would be beneficial if you kept in mind that you could only use these paints on the exterior walls and not the interior. To achieve the most remarkable results, attempt to use paints with such a heat-resistance property.

Pick latex paint that is heat-resistant for interior use. Select paint with a temperature rating that can survive the 200°F or so that the wood fireplace typically generates. Utilize a satin, eggshell, as well as gloss finish on the fireplace surround based on the aesthetic you’re going for.

It is a frequently asked question Can I Paint Over a Stone Fireplace? You may paint the stone fireplace, of course. In simple words, YES! It is possible to paint your stone fireplace. You have to use paint explicitly manufactured for stone fireplaces, including heat-resistant paint.

Sanding the fireplace before applying paint is advised if it is constructed of polished brick or metal. As a result, the surface becomes gritty and easier to paint as well as it adheres to the paint well. Before beginning to paint, clean the surface, apply a suitable primer and give it time to dry.

The most secure color choice for painting the fireplace is neutral. The colors blend in with almost any color scheme since they don’t have a cold or warm skew. Painting the fireplace a dazzling white may help a room appear more open, but if you prefer a softer aesthetic, use an off-white color like cream or even ivory.

Wrap Up

Choosing the ideal paint for fireplace makeovers can be difficult. Some people prefer the distressed appearance, while other people favor a whitewashed look. Bold, solid hues can be used in contemporary fashion. As a result, each of these impacts must be taken into account while choosing the perfect paint for painting a fireplace.


However, I discussed the top 5 Best Fireplace Paint available in the correct market. All the paints I discussed here are excellent in quality and have advanced features that make them best for fireplaces. Here I also guided you to choose the best paint for your fireplace. In conclusion, this article may be helpful for you.

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