Best Paint for Aluminum Gutters

best paint for aluminum gutters

If you are deciding to paint your Aluminum Gutters, congratulations! You are going to make a wise decision. It is really a great decision to paint your old Gutters instead of replacing them. Painting the Aluminum Gutters with the best paint will give them a whole-new and aesthetic appearance. Additionally, having colorful, clean gutters may significantly improve the appearance of your house.


So, are you willing to paint your Aluminum Gutters? Don’t sure what type of paint is best for Aluminum Gutters? Or seeking the best paint for Aluminum Gutters? If these things are true for you, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, I’m going to explore some of the most ideal paints for Aluminum Gutters. So, continue browsing this list and get the best paint today!

Top 5 Best Paint for Aluminum Gutters


Here I’m going to discuss the top 5 ideal and perfect paint for painting aluminum gutters. Explore this list of the Top 5 Best paint for aluminum gutters and get the best one!

Rust-oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Professional High-Performance Enamel Spray Paint is the first paint on this list. As the name suggests, it is a professional-quality and High-Performing paint that you can use for painting your aluminum gutters. Although this paint is available in several colors option to choose from, aluminum color is my first priority for aluminum gutters.


This paint is not only suitable for aluminum gutters, but you can also apply this paint to other surfaces. This paint is suitable for metal, plastic, wood, glass, and other surfaces. It will provide a durable and protective coating over any surface. Moreover, you can use this paint for both indoor and outdoor projects. This paint will give a superior outcome in any situation.

To prevent finger fatigue, it has been created with a pleasant fingertip. Additionally, it incorporates the newest Any-Angle-Spray function, which enables you to spray any hard-to-reach edges of the surface. The thing that I like most about this paint is that it comes with anti-corrosion as well as abrasion, fading, chipping, and dulling resistance features.


This Rust-Oleum Professional Enamel Spray Paint is super easy to use, which makes it the best choice for DIY projects. This formula also takes less time to dry completely; it lets you apply the second coat quickly. It also ensures exclusive coverage and saves you time and money as well. Overall, it is an excellent paint that you can use for painting aluminum gutters.


  1. It is affordable but premium in quality

  2. Offer durable and rust-protective coating

  3. It comes with a lot of color options to choose


  1. This spray paint offers relatively low coverage

Krylon Colormaxx Acrylic Latex Paint

Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Paint is another perfect option for painting aluminum gutters. With adherence as well as durability, this premium-quality regular brush-on paint offers exceptional color and exceptional coverage. This acrylic base paint is available in different color options, so you can choose the color you prefer more.

This brush-on paint is suitable for different types of surfaces and offers durable coating over any surface. You can apply this paint on metal, wood, wicker, plastic, masonry and ceramic surface. It gives exceptional coverage for your DIY and creative projects to guarantee they look beautiful and last, whether you’re painting inside or outside.

The feature that impressed me in this painting is its ease of use. YES! This Krylon COLORmaxx Acrylic Latex Paint is super easy to use, which makes it one of the best choices for DIY projects. It is not only easy to use, but this acrylic base latex paint also lets you clean the surface quickly.


Another fantastic feature of this paint is its superior coverage. This Krylon COLORmaxx Paint offers great coverage; save your money to complete the whole project. Moreover, this latex formula takes relatively less time to dry completely; it saves you time and effort as well. So, you can go for this paint; it will never disappoint you!


  1. This brush-on paint offers superior durability

  2. It is suitable for different types of surfaces

  3. This paint lets you clean the surface easily


  1. This paint is relatively hard to apply

Dupli-color Metal Cast Spray Paint

Dupli-Color Metal Cast Spray Paint

Dupli-Color Metal Cast spray paint is a versatile paint that is a great option for painting aluminum surfaces like aluminum gutters. It is a superior-quality paint that provides a durable and protective layer of paint over the surface. This spray paint comes with several exclusive features that make it one of our best choices.

This Dupli-Color Paint can easily transform common metal surfaces into a metallic finish with brilliant, clear color in just a simple step. It has a tough enamel finish that can withstand heat up to 500°F continuously as well as oil, gas, as well as fire. This spray paint is perfect for interior as well as exterior applications, thanks to all of these properties.

With the use of this superior paint, an aged and worn-out metal object may be rejuvenated. Specifically designed to adhere to clean, bright, bare metal and chrome-like surfaces. The pattern of this formula is quite clear. Therefore, before using this spray paint, you must apply a primer as well as a base coat.


Moreover, this spray paint comes with an ergonomic as well as comfortable fingertip design. So, you can spray this paint with ease and comfort, and it also keeps the finger free from fatigue even after spraying for a long time. The Dupli-Color Metal Cast spray paint dries quickly, letting you complete the task quickly.


  1. This spray paint offers a superior finish

  2. It can resist 500 degrees F temperature

  3. It comes with an ergonomic and comfortable tip


  1. This paint is relatively expensive than others

Rust-oleum Marine Topside Paint

Are you seeking a cost-effective paint solution to paint your aluminum gutters? If you are, then this Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint is available at an affordable price and is one of the ideal options for you to get the job done. This regular brush-on paint can give the gutters an aesthetic appearance in addition to protecting them from damage.

Although this Rust-Oleum paint has been manufactured especially for marine, you can also use it in aluminum gutters without any hesitation. In fact, this brush-on paint is suitable for different surfaces like metal, fiberglass, and also wood. It usually gives you good gloss retention, transforming the appearance of your gutters into something festive.

This paint comes with several protective features that make it one of our best choices. This oil-based compound is completely top-notch and offers long-lasting UV protection. As a result, there is no risk of the paint flaking off your door and being stuck. This paint gives you a consistently flawless surface while being high maintenance for your gutters.


One of the fantastic features of this paint is that it comes with fewer odors which makes it super easy and also safe to use. The first coat of this paint will take 1 to 2 hours to dry completely; reduce the overall thins to complete the task. It dries with a smooth and excellent semi-gloss finish, preserving the elegance and beauty of the surfaces.


  1. It offers a highly durable and protective coating

  2. Dry quickly and ensure superior coverage
  3. Offer smooth finish and retain color longer


  1. Need to apply multiple coats for optimal finish

Krylon Now Spray Paint

Krylon Now Spray Paint

Krylon Now Spray Paint is specially designed for aluminum surfaces, and you can use this paint for painting aluminum gutters. It is an industry-grade spray paint that can ensure classical outcomes. Things that I like most about this paint is that it comes with rust-resistance features. So your gutters will be safe and protected longer.

Krylon is a go-to brand for DIYers due to its extensive selection of specialist paint collections for various surfaces. This paint also has no exceptions. YES! This Krylon Now Spray Paint is an excellent option for DIY projects because it is super easy to apply. This paint also comes with several color options. So, you can choose a color that you prefer more.

It develops the strongest adhesive possible for the surface, making it more straightforward and more practical to paint gutters. You may now paint every surface of your gutters with the highest level of durability. With this premium-quality spray paint, whether or not the paint lasts a long time won’t be an issue. It only adheres to the surface.


It also includes a quick-drying formula, like other spray paints, to save you time and effort. Ignore how you seem. The finish this paint leaves behind is of the highest caliber. And even after years, the color won’t deteriorate. The ergonomic EZ touch spray nozzle may be adjusted. Therefore, while painting, no edge will be undone.


  1. This paint is available in different color options

  2. It has resistance to fade as well as peeling
  3. This spray paint offers excellent coverage


  1. This spray paint is available in less quantity

Best Paint for Aluminum Gutters: Buying Guide


Not each and every paint are suitable for aluminum surfaces, especially for aluminum gutters. The best paint for aluminum gutters should have some dedicated features like excellent durability and protective features, and also should be rich in quality. In this buying guide, I’ll highlight the thing that you should consider to get the ideal paint.

Type of Paint

When you are going to purchase the most suitable paint for aluminum gutters, you have two options to choose from; Spray paint and Regular brush-on paint. Both these two paints are the ideal option to go through, and both of them perform well. However, there are some differences between them in terms of useability and price.


Spray paints are super easy to apply than brush-on paint. These paints can ensure covering the hard-to-reach edges. However, this type of paint is relatively more expensive than regular paint. On the other hand, brush-on paint is more affordable than spray paint. This paint also ensures great coverage and offers brilliant finishes than spray paints.

Type of Formula

When picking the paint, start by selecting latex or oil paint. Latex paint is recommended for novice painters. They are a great choice for amateurs since they dry rapidly and are simple to clean. In order to get even more durability and adherence, be sure that the latex paint is entirely acrylic-based.


If you want a finish that will be more durable, use an oil-based paint. These kinds of pigments are supposed to provide a smooth surface and hide any flaws in your metal gutters. Another advantage of these paints is their stain resistance. The additional cost of oil-based paint should be taken into consideration when creating your makeover budget.

Paint Durability

Durability is another crucial feature to consider buying the best paint for your aluminum gutters. Water, as well as weather resistance, are much needed for the best gutters paints. If the paint doesn’t feel excellently durable, it could not last very long. You may use this capability to apply paint in harsh outdoor environments.


The other qualities that can improve longevity are those that prevent rust and resist corrosion. Therefore, to achieve the greatest results, it would be ideal if you ticked these characteristics. Overall, you have to invest a paint that ensures maximum durability.

Protective Features

Different paints come with different protective features. Some paints also have multiple protective features like rust resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, and much more. Since you are going to paint your aluminum gutters, it means you are going to deal with harsh weather, rain, and snowfall, as well as other things.


So, you should get paint that can protect the gutters from these damages. Although aluminum has not prone to rust, it is wise to paint the aluminum gutters with rust-resistance paint. Paints like Rust-Oleum Marine Topside Paint come with several resistance features, including rust and UV resistance. It also offers fading, weathering, and abrasion resistance.

Paint Pricing

Paint pricing is the last thing that you should take into consideration to get the best paint for painting aluminum gutters. You can find different paints on the market with different pricing tags. So, you may ask how much the best paint for aluminum gutters costs. In fact, this cost mainly depends on the quality and type of paint.

Generally, brush-on paint is more affordable than spray paint. Regular brush-on paint will cost you around $0.50 to $0.80 per Fl Oz. Most of the brush-on paints are available at 32 Fl Oz and will cost approximately $15 to $25. On the other hand, spray paint will cost you $0.70 to $2.00 per Fl Oz, and an 11 Fl Oz can cost $10 to $25. Read more articles on Interior & Exterior paint

When selecting a paint type for your gutters, especially for aluminum-made gutters, you should go for acrylic paint. Choose a satin as well as a semi-gloss finish in the color that most closely resembles your house. For optimum longevity, you should paint them with two coats of paint.

Rust-Oleum is a world-leading and reputed paint brand. These paints produce a long-lasting, rust and weather-resistant coating when repairing gutters. The long-lasting formulae have high-output spray patterns and are developed to match industry-standard hues. Overall, Rust-Oleum paints are an excellent option for gutters.

To paint the gutters, clean the gutters to remove all dirt and debris. You should also strip as well as sand the gutters before painting. The gutters should then be primed and given a final coat of paint to make them seem smooth, tidy, and neatly coated.

Typically, it’s preferable for your gutters to discreetly and perfectly match the siding of your home. Almost often, gutters are located directly in front of the siding. Thus, if you paint the gutters with a similar color to your house or wall, they have the highest chance of going unnoticed. So, it is better to paint the gutters with a different color.

Wrap Up

While painting your aluminum gutters is a great decision, choosing the best paint will be a bit difficult for you. Here I discussed the top 5 Best paint for aluminum gutters. I also addressed a buying guide where I described the things that you should consider to choose the best paint.

So, this article can help you eliminate your stress from choosing the best paint. You can either select paint from these 5 paints, or you can choose a paint following my guide. Overall, purchase the best paint for painting your aluminum-made gutters and get the job done successfully!

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