Best Paint for Interior Stairs

Best Paint for Interior Stairs

You could decide to paint the stairs as part of your renovation plans. If you choose to paint your stairs, keep in mind that the right paint may change both the interior of the house and the way your stairs appear. So, getting the best paint for stairs is really important to get the job done effectively and successfully.

The marketplace is full of different types of paint. However, not all paint can be used for the same purpose. So, what type of paint is best for painting stairs? Latex and Acrylic paints are the best way to go through in terms of painting stairs. Since you are going to paint indoor stairs, water-based formula is the best option. On the other hand, you should choose a semi-glossy finish to paint your stairs.


While painting your stairs is a great decision to give them an aesthetic appearance, it is much more important to get the perfect paint. The ideal alternatives should consider when choosing paints for stairs. To aid you in deciding on the stair paint, I listed the top 5 paint with detailed facts.

What Type of Paint is Best for Stairs?

It is a frequently asked question what type of paint is best for stairs? Several types of paints are available in the market, like latex, acrylic, and enamel paint, and they are also divided into oil-based and water-based paint. So, which type of paint should you use for painting stairs?

The most popular types of paint for stairs, especially wooden stairs, are likely latex and acrylic paint. Both working with it and cleaning it up are simple. Moisture infiltration brought on by weather changes is among the most frequent issues with wooden stairs. Utilizing latex paint on the staircase will stop this.


On the other hand, acrylic paint is best for all types of stairs, including metal, concrete and wooden stairs. You can also use enamel paint for painting your stairs; however, this paint is best for exterior stairs. When it comes to finishing selection, you should go for the semi-glossy finish. The glossy texture of semi-gloss paint will give your stairs a more opulent appearance.

Top 5 Best Paint for Interior Stairs


Whenever it comes to painting the interior stairs, you have a lot of alternatives. Choosing the appropriate paint for your particular needs might be a bit stressful and perplexing. Explore this list of the top 5 best paint for interior stairs and get the best paint for your project.

The One Paint and Primer

THE ONE Paint and Primer

THE ONE Paint and Primer is the first product on this list of the top 5 best paint for interior stairs. It is a high-quality, professional-grade paint that offers versatile performance and can make your stairs unique. This paint comes with an added primer and has several exclusive features and functionalities that make it the top pick on this list.

This water-based formula is suitable for different surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic, as well as stone, and is also ideal for both interior and exterior paint. You can use this paint for painting cabinets, doors, and furniture in addition to stairs. It provides good coverage, which helps you save both money and time. It provides a highly durable and long-lasting coating to protect the surface from damage.

The paint has novel qualities, including long-lasting toughness and minimal prep work needed, especially on the hardwood. Since this paint comes with an added primer, so you will not have to apply primer to the stairs before applying thing painted. It is super easy to use and also saves time to complete the project.


All that has to be done is clean the area where you are going to apply this paint. It comes in three different finishes; satin, gloss and matte finish, and it also has other color options. THE ONE Paint and Primer takes relatively less time to dry entirely and offers excellent coverage. So, you can purchase this paint to give your stairs a whole-new and aesthetic appearance.


  1. It comes with added primer in the can

  2. This paint is suitable for different stairs

  3. Easy to use and offer durable coatings


  1. This paint is relatively more expensive

Insl-x Acrylic Anti-slip Coating Paint

INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint

INSL-X Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating Paint is another excellent piece of paint for painting your stairs. This cost-effective Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip paint offers a surface with excellent traction. There are several lovely shades of paint available. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, this INSL-X paint is the best way to go through.

INSL-X Acrylic Paint is suitable for wood, metal and concrete surfaces. This Sure Step Anti-Slip paint offers a long-lasting skid-resistant coating for use inside or outside. This high-quality paint also provides great color retention, resistance to abrasion, and water-ponding resistance. Because Sure Step is water-reduced, it dries quickly and is simple to apply and clean up after use.

For places that need enhanced skid resistance, this sure-step anti-slip paint has been designed to be performance anti-slip paint. The formula includes a faint sand texture that prevents slipping on the painted surface. In regions that cannot be shielded from the harmful UV rays of direct sunlight, this acrylic latex paint can maintain its color.


This paint is super easy to apply, and you can use both a regular brush and roller brush to apply this paint. Additionally, it dries quickly, and the simple application makes filling seals easier to crack. For one gallon of paint, 80 to 120 square feet may be painted. You must read all of the paint’s applications and instructions before applying.


  1. Affordable but excellent quality paint
  2. Offer skid resistance and anti-slip finish
  3. Offer great coverage and dry quickly


  1. This paint comes with limited color options

Fixall Skid Grip Anti-slip Acrylic Paint

Fixall Anti-Slip Skid Grip Coating creates a textured, high-traction flat surface on stairs to ensure non-slip safety, which is a major concern for staircases. Additionally, it surpasses the requirements for non-slip surfaces. The layer of this water-based formula resists fading, flaking, and peeling and is offered in a variety of appealing hues that go well with staircases.

This Fixall Anti-Slip Skid Grip paint comes with different color options to choose from. In fact, you have seven color options to choose from according to your preference. Each and every color can give your stairs a whole new appearance while making them slip-resistant. Moreover, this paint is safe as well as easy to apply.

This paint is a practical and affordable method to paint your stairs. The exceptional adherence of this robust, 100% acrylic anti-slip surface prevents flaking and stripping on both asphalt and concrete. This FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Acrylic Paint offers an additional layer of ultraviolet protection, which also yields a lovely finish.


The paint offers a consistent color, has a textured finish, and makes a nice covering for staircases. Painting is ideal for skilled painters and fantastic for helping beginners create paintings of a high caliber. Fixall paint may be applied with a brush or even a roller and has excellent adherence. It ensures excellent coverage and is also easy to clean.


  1. Skid-resistant and anti-slip features

  2. Suitable for different types of surfaces

  3. This paint is ideal  for high-traffic areas


  1. Need to apply prime before applying this paint

Montage Signature Eco-friendly Paint

Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint

Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Paint is the ideal option for you if you’re looking for basement paint for stairs. It is the second to the final suggestion we have for painting staircases. Do not be concerned about running out of paint because the basement paint comes in 5 gallons. It is also the ideal paint for external or interior stairs.

It is a high-quality stair paint that offers cleaning as well as preservation for all water concerns and is utilized for sealing technology. The paint is constructed of high-quality materials that assist prevent slipping on the steps. This paint comes with a lot of color options, making it a versatile paint to use.

In addition to painting your stairs, this indoor staircase paint is the ideal option for all of your painting requirements. This paint is appropriate for use in big commercial paintings. Additionally, you may use a brush or even a spray to apply it. It gives your product a nice finish as well as gives you additional painting space.


This paint is ideal for skilled painters and fantastic for helping beginners create paintings of a high caliber. It provides semi-gloss paint for stairs that is ideal for use inside or outside. The paint’s water base makes it easy to apply, offers exceptional coverage, and protects against mildew and mold.


  1. High-quality and versatile performing paint
  2. This paint is available in different color options
  3. The sealing technology lets you clean surfaces easily


  1. Need to apply multiple coats for maximum outputs

Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Latex Paint

Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint is the last product on this list of the best paint for interior stairs. This product can be a perfect fit if you require low-maintenance paint for your stairs as well as other surfaces. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint is a water-based acrylic formula that makes it safe to use. It provides a long-lasting finish appropriate for both interior and outdoor applications.

This high-quality Latex Pain comes with excellent protective features that make it one of the best and most suitable paint for stairs. The paint is resistant to mildew, flaking, as well as scuffing. It will also retain the color longer without fading. This Paint is best for both interior and exterior wood, metal as well as concrete stairs.

It comes in white color and features a semi-glossy finish that is really excellent for stairs. You won’t have to worry about slipping if you apply it on the concrete stairs, even if it’s wet. It will apply without difficulty on previously painted concrete or even wood stairs. It is particularly user-friendly because it is water-based latex paint.


One coat is sufficient; however, two coats could be necessary for perfection. It practically has no odor and dries rapidly. For both interior and exterior applications, it provides a tough finish. Moreover, this water-based paint takes a relatively long time to dry completely but ensures great coverage. So, you can opt for this paint without any hesitation.


  1. Suitable for both interior and exterior stairs
  2. Offer durable as well as high-quality finish
  3. Take less time to dry and ensure great coverage


  1. This paint comes with limited color and finishes option

How to Choose the Best Paint for Interior Stairs?


Choosing the best paint for your stairs will be a bit tricky for you since there are several things to consider. The paint for the stairs should be excellent in quality as well as should ensure great durability. You should also get a paint that comes in a light color and has a perfect finish. Let’s take a look at what to consider to get the best paint for painting stairs.

Consider the material

When you are in the market to buy suitable paint for your stairs, you should consider the material of the stairs first. Each and every painting comes with dedicated useability. Not all paints are really perfect for all surfaces. That means a paint that is suitable for painting wood, this paint may not be suitable for metal surfaces.


So, first of all, identify the materials of your stairs. Then choose the paint that is most suitable with the material of your stairs. If you have concrete stairs, you should go for a paint that is suitable for this type of surface. Or if your stairs are made of wood, then you should get paint that is suitable for the wooden surface.

Paint Quality and Durability

Paint quality is one of the most crucial things that have should consider when you’re going to purchase paint for your stairs. Paint that is not good in quality will not be able to ensure excellent outcomes. High-quality paint comes with much more features and functionalities that offer you extra advantages.


Much like quality, paint durability is another essential factor to consider when choosing paint. You may infer that the paint is suitably durable when we talk about the paint’s overall durability. Paint that lasts longer won’t wear down the surface. A highly durable paint will last longer on the surface and retain the color much longer.

Paint Type: Brush-on/Spray Paint

The type of paint is another important thing you should consider to choose the best paint for your stairs. You have really two options to choose from; regular brush-on paint and spray paint. Both the brush-on paints and spray paints are excellent for any indoor projects. So, which one you should go for?

If you are on a tight budget but looking for high-performing paint to complete your project, brush-on paints are the best option. These paints are more inexpensive than spray paint but rich in quality. Brush-on paint offers much more coverage than spray paint and saves your bank. Moreover, regular brush-on paints provide a better finish than spray paints.


On the other hand, spray paints are the best option if you are seeking something easy to use. YES! Spray paints are super easy to use, and you can apply paint to any tricky edges. Spray paints will save the ultimate time in completing the task. However, these paints are a bit more expensive than brush-on paint.

Paint Color

Paint color is another thing that you should consider seriously to buy the best paint for stairs. You should use light colors to paint your stairs. Light colors don’t overpower other spaces, are calming to the eye, as well as can create a pleasant mood in the room.


You can use White, off-white, light gray, light blue, pastel pink, and other light colors to paint the stairs. However, avoid utilizing dark colors like red and black since they reflect bad hues and make your environment appear lifeless and dismal.

Ease of Use

Another important aspect to take into account when selecting the best paint for stairs is the ease of usage. There is a large selection of paint, but not all of them are equally useful. But if the paint is challenging to apply, it’ll be more difficult for novice painters to use and take a lot longer to finish the task.


What kind of paint is hence simple to use? Regular brush-on paint is more difficult to use than spray paint. With this paint, you may apply it at any angle to assist you to reach those hard-to-reach places. Additionally, primer-added paints are simple to apply and cost-effective.

Both the regular brush and roller brush can be used to paint stairs. Both of them perform excellently well to get this job done. The regular brush is the best option if you are aware of the ultimate outcomes. On the other hand, if you are looking for something easy to use, then you should go for a roller brush. It will help you complete the project quickly.

Painting your stairs is a very cheap and straightforward technique to transform the appearance of your staircase drastically! There are many different color choices, and trying something new might be thrilling. You have the option of giving it a vintage, classic style or a more contemporary, hip one.

It is a frequently asked question how many coats of paint should I apply to the stairs? In simple words, it mainly depends on the quality of the paint. Some high-quality paint can provide an excellent finish after applying a single coat, while others can need multiple coats to get the same result. Employ two coats of paint following a high-quality primer for optimum outcomes and longevity.

Yes! You should prime your stairs before painting. A strong primer is essential because the stairs will probably see some wear. Apply this with a paintbrush and give it time to dry before applying your top coat. Priming the stairs will help the paint to stick well on the surface and provide an excellent finish after drying completely.

Final Words


One of the finest ways to make a significant first impact on everyone who visits your property is to paint the stairs. While choosing the best paint for stairs is a bit tricky but essential, this article can help you. Here I discussed the top 5 most suitable paint for the stairs. I also discussed here how to choose the best paint for painting stairs. So, choose one among these five or choose one depending on this guide.

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