Best paint for laminate countertops

Best paint for laminate countertops

Are you seeking the best paint for laminate countertops to give your countertops a whole new look? Countertops are an essential component of the kitchen and are highly visible. Most people or homeowners prefer laminate countertops since it is a much more budget-friendly yet aesthetic option. However, laminate countertops may be scratched, dull, or damaged.

Since countertops are a crucial and highly discernible component of kitchen design, aesthetics is the interior decorator’s first priority. The cost of upgrading to new kitchen countertops might be high. By painting your current laminate counters, you can completely transform the kitchen without spending a fortune.

So, all you need to paint your countertops are the best tools and ideal supplies or paint. Regarding laminate countertops paint, it will be a bit challenging to choose the best one since there are different types of paints available. However, I’m going to discuss the top 5 most suitable paint for laminate countertops. So, continue browsing this article and get the best one today.

What type of paint is best for laminate countertops?

While you are going to paint your laminate countertops, you should get the perfect paint for your paintwork. The market is full of different types of paint, from latex-based paint to acrylic paint. So, it will be a bit challenging for you to get the best paint for laminate countertops.

So, now you may ask, what type of paint is best for laminate countertops? Fortunately, different types of paints are available to use on laminate countertops. Acrylic paint is the first and most ideal option to go through in terms of painting laminate countertops. Water may be used to clear up spills or mishaps, and acrylic paint is easier to work with because it smells less.

Texture spray paint is another best option for laminate countertops. These are affordable and simple to use. To boost strength and longevity, you must apply a primer as well as topcoats. Also, many people may mention latex paint; however, I don’t recommend it.

If you want a paint job that will last for a long time, enamel paint is another excellent choice. It’s also a decent option for high-traffic locations since it’s sturdy. However, this paint can be a bit challenging to apply, so it’s vital to follow the manual thoroughly before starting painting.

Best paint for laminate countertops

1. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Brush on Paint

Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Brush on Paint

Rust-Oleum is one of the reputed paint manufacturer companies that offer high-quality paint for your paintwork. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Brush on Paint is one of the perfect paints for laminate countertops. It is an oil-based paint perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This paint comes with different color selections according to your preferer.

This premium quality paint for laminate countertops from Rust-Oleum provides an extra sleek finish that will add additional interest to the painting project. This oil-based solution offers outstanding rust protection and a long-lasting protective covering. Give your laminate countertop corrosion as well as a weather-resistant coat to ensure longevity.

You should apply double coatings of this paint to your countertop to get the best outcome. Since it is oil-based enamel paint, it will take minimal time to dry completely.

So, after applying the first coat, take some moment before applying the second coat. However, it will give you a durable as well as a protective coating over your countertop after drying properly.

Although it is a budget-friendly paint solution, it is really excellent in overall quality. This formula comes with several advanced features like corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant, and much more. It offers Gloss and semi-gloss as well as a flat finish. You can use a brush, roller, or even spray to apply this paint.


  1. Affordable yet high-quality paint for countertop

  2. Resistance against corrosion, abrasion, and weather

  3. Easy to use and provide a protective and durable coating


  1. The coverage of this paint is disappointing.

2. Country Chic Chalk Style Paint

Country Chic Chalk Style Paint

Country Chic Paint is one of the trusted names for acrylic-based paint. This Country Chic Chalk Style Paint is specially manufactured for laminate Countertops. Since Country Chic Paint is produced by a reputable paint supplier with more than 80 years of expertise, you can be confident that the quality of the product is excellent.

It is a mineral paint that is excellently durable as well as adheres to any surface perfectly. This do-it-yourself paint has a built-in top coat as well as a primer to paint practically any surface, whether indoors or out. You won’t have to work hard because of the great adherence and coverage provided by this mineral composition.

It is totally safe and has less odor which makes it easy to use. It bonds to a surface, forming a barrier that is both water- and vapor-resistant. A shield against smog, acid rain, and mold is provided by this paint. Given that it includes natural substances and very little to no volatile organic material, it is regarded as ecologically benign.

With little to no surface preparation needed, this paint gives outstanding adherence to practically any surface as well as long-lasting durability. Dries in 30 mins to a lovely matte finish that is incredibly durable but also readily distressed. Any project can often be finished in one or two applications because of the improved coverage.


  1. It contains a top coat and primer to paint

  2. Excellent durability and extraordinary coverage

  3. It is safe as well as straightforward to use


  1. This paint has no color option available.

3. Shabby Chic Chalk-Based Paint

Shabby Chic Chalk-Based Paint

Shabby Chic Chalked Furniture Paint is an impressive formula for laminate countertops. It is a top-quality chalk-based paint that you can use to paint your countertops. This premium-quality Shabby Chic furniture paint is intended to provide baroque and distressed looks. It has a lot of color options to choose from.

This paint is really easy to use with a little preparation. Mix some water into the paint and then apply it to the surface. This Shabby Chic Chalk-Based Paint is suitable to use on any surface. According to the manufacturer, you don’t have to apply prime before applying this paint.

This paint offers a highly attractive, satiny metallic appearance without the need for polyacrylic or even other protective finishes. It is a very durable paint with good adhesion that can be applied in one step to a variety of surfaces, making it simple to finish modern, vintage, as well as antique objects.

This paint’s lightly textured matte surface may be built up using a variety of methods to create distinctive looks. The coverage of this solution is also great that will save your bank as well as time. However, you should apply multiple coats, at least two coats, to get the best outcomes.


  1. Provide durable and long-lasting coating

  2. No need to prime before applying it

  3. Affordable yet premium in quality


  1. This paint is a bit tricky to apply.

4. Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

If you are much more interested in spray paint rather than conventional paint, this one is only for you. It is the one, and only sprays paint on our list that makes it a breeze to paint laminate countertops. This Universal All Surface Spray Paint from Rust-Oleum will take your paint project to a whole new era.

The sophisticated makeup of the paint guarantees high corrosion resistance and endurance. Its composition will combine the functions of primer and paint to expedite the procedure. The exceptional fade and also UV resistance included in the composition of this spray paint guarantee protection from the weather.

This Best paint for laminate countertops creates a lovely, rich-texture, shining metallic look on your laminate countertops. This quick-drying solution covers up to 15 sq ft of each container as well as dries in 30 mins. Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint is available in different color options.

Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint offers a premium experience thanks to its ergonomic trigger mechanism, best-in-class solution, and innovative selection of trendy finishes. Finger tension is eliminated by its comfortable and ergonomic trigger with a proprietary design. Ideal for heavy-duty, prolonged use at home or on the construction site.


  1. A comfortable trigger makes it easy to use

  2. Suitable to paint hard-to-reach areas

  3. It dries quickly and offers excellent coverage


  1. Blobs could show up; test paint is advised.

5. THE ONE Most Durable Furniture Paint

THE ONE Most Durable Furniture Paint

This is the last best paint for laminate countertops on our list. This THE ONE Most Durable Furniture Paint has been designed to paint your exterior furniture, including laminate countertops. It is a top-quality formula that provides a durable and well as protective coating over any surface.

In fact, it is a 2-in-1 pack, Primer and Paint. That means you have to pay less effort, time as well as money for your paint project with this paint. THE ONE Paint & Primer is a luxurious formula with extra thickness that will provide an excellent finish to the surface.

This solution is usable on any surface, including laminate and wood cabinets. It also provides a good enough coverage that will reduce the cost and also time to your paintwork. This paint is able to resist dirt and dust and also has a washable as well as a durable finish.

Since this paint includes prime, you don’t have to apply additional prime to the countertop before applying this paint. This paint contains low levels of VOCs to be sustainable and safe for use indoors, making them ideal for interior designers and DIY project lovers. THE ONE Furniture Paint also has different color options and fishing as well.


  1. It ensures a long-lasting and protective coating

  2. Impressive coverage save money and time

  3. Affordable and available in different color options


  1. You have to apply multiple coats to get best outcomes

How to paint Laminate Countertops?

It is a frequently asked question How to paint Laminate Countertops? Painting your laminate countertops is almost the same as painting over high gloss laminate furniture. So, I’ll cover everything about the process of painting countertops in this section.

Step-01: Prepare your Countertops

You should clean your laminate countertops with a dry cloth to remove dirt and particles. If your countertops feel duller, then you can use a vinegar solution to make them clean. After cleaning, sand the surface with 60 or 80-grade sanding paper.

Step-02: Prime your Countertops

Priming any laminate countertops before painting is a great decision. Priming your laminate countertop will help the paint to stick well as well as give a much better finish. You should use a primer that has been manufactured especially for laminate. I recommend you apply at least two coats or prime to the countertops.

Step-03: Apply Paint

After the primer is completely dry, you can apply paint over it. As you transition through one side of the countertops to the other, keep a moist edge. Avoid letting the painted side dry before applying the next layer of paint, and leave about an inch of space between each roll of paint. After allowing the paint to cure for at least 4 hours, use the same method to apply a second layer.

Step-04: Apply Top Coat

The water-based topcoat, commonly referred to as a clear coat is the last stage in painting your laminate kitchen countertops. The paint will be shielded from harm as well as other aspects by this layer. The technique of topcoat application and priming and painting are fairly similar. The only distinction is that the outer layer might be difficult to notice, so be patient.
Use the paintbrush to fill the edges, corners, and other places, and be careful to intersect each roller stroke for a wet edge. It is strongly advised to apply a second layer, but fortunately, topcoats based on latex dry rapidly. And once the last coat of topcoat has dried, your laminate countertop now has a brand-new appearance.

The FAQs

Laminate countertops can definitely be updated with paint. Although painting laminate is a bit challenging, it is possible. Painting your laminate countertops will give them a whole different and better appearance. All it needs are some preparations, some research, and the appropriate equipment and supplies.
Yes! You should prime your countertop before painting it. Priming the surface of your countertops will help the paint to stick well. It also helps to provide a high glossy finish. However, if you purchase a one-in-one solution that includes paint and prime, then you don’t have to prime the countertop.
Vinegar is one of the powerful solutions to restore the shininess of any surface. So, you can use a vinegar solution to make your countertop shine. Prepare a vinegar solution by mixing water and vinegar and then spray it over the countertop. Leave the solution for at least 2 minutes and then wipe it down.
Painting is a fantastic alternative for do-it-yourself countertops. If the countertops are still extremely durable but just an out-of-date or distasteful color, you can get new countertops on a budget with a few layers of paint as well as a sealant!

Wrap Up

Your laminate countertops may dull, scratch, or even color damage over time. So, you may want to replace your countertop; however, it is an expensive task. So, you can paint over the laminate countertops rather than replace them. Painting your old laminate countertops is a more inexpensive way to give them a whole new appearance. In this best paint for laminate countertops review, I’m tried to cover everything about the top 5 most perfect paint for laminate countertops. All the paints I listed above are high in quality as well as will take your paint project to a whole new level. So, this article may assist you in getting the best paint for your laminate countertops.

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