Top 5 Best paint for vinyl shutters 2022

Best paint for vinyl shutters

In this Best paint for vinyl shutters, I’m set to go through the top 5 paints that you can use to paint vinyl shutters. Faded or Sun-damaged vinyl shutters may either be replaced or painted, but replacing shutters might be expensive. However, painting your shutters will give you a totally fresh appearance.

When it comes to painting vinyl shutters, choosing the best and most suitable paint is one of the crucial aspects. But you may feel stressed about selecting the best paint for your paint project. This is because the market is full of different types of paint, and each paint comes with dedicated features and functionalities.

What type of paint should I purchase? Which brand is best to go through? All these questions may gather in your mind. Here I’ll review the top 5 Best paint for painting vinyl shutters. I’ll also guide you on how to choose the best paint for your vinyl shutters. So, continue browsing this article and get the best paint today!

What type of paint is best for Vinyl Shutters?

Paints are available in different types in terms of fundamental bases, including acrylic, enamel, latex, and much more. Acrylic and enamel paint also have a couple of subcategories; oil-based and water-based acrylic paint. So, now it is the question, what type of paint is best for Vinyl Shutters?

In my opinion, acrylic paint is the first and foremost option to paint vinyl shutters. And you should get oil-based acrylic paint since it offers much more durable and protective coatings. But acrylic-based paint is a bit more expensive than others. So, enamel paint will be the best budget option for painting shutters.

The next question will be, what type of paint should I get between spray paint and drum paint? It is a trick question. From my point of view, you should go for spray paint since they offer easy useability. Spray paints are also a cost-effective option. However, if you are a pro, then you can go for drum paint. Drum paint is rich in quality as well as offers better finishing than spray paint but is a bit expensive.

Best paint for vinyl shutters Review

Now here in this section, I’ll go through the 5 Best paint for vinyl shutters Review. So, Let’s take a look at the top 5 best and most suitable paint for vinyl shutters.

1. Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint is at the top of this list of the top 5 Best paint for vinyl shutters. Rust-Oleum is one of the reputed and reliable paint manufacturer brands. The Rich, current hues of this Spray Paint by Rust-Oleum add a sophisticated and contemporary touch to every painting project.

This Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint is my number 1 pick because of its unique, elegant finish and superb color quality. It converts any inexpensive décor into lavish creative pieces and is ideal for a variety of materials. It’s designed for DIY projects as well as crafts, and you may use it to paint vinyl shutters.

Its paint and primer mix is principally responsible for its long-lasting adherence. This spray paint has a timeless appeal, good camouflage, and permanence, which give it the ability to bring character to any space. It is an oil-based solution with good adhesion, a long-lasting sheen, and rust prevention, as well as resistance to chipping and fading.

Each can of this quick-drying solution may cover up to 15 sq ft as well as dries in 30 minutes. This spray paint can apply at any angle/position, including upside down. You can paint difficult-to-reach areas while minimizing finger fatigue with this any-angle spray innovation, as well as an ergonomic cap construction.


  1. This paint has Excellent Color Retention

  2. It ensures an impressive smooth finishing

  3. It can be applied without sanding and priming


  1. This paint is relatively thin.

2. Majic PAINTS Interior/Exterior Satin Paint

Majic PAINTS Interior/Exterior Satin Paint

Do you want to repurpose your vinyl shutters? Are you looking for the best paint to re-paint your shutters? Do you prefer drum paint much more instead of spray paint? Majic PAINTS Interior/Exterior Satin Paint is the answer to all these questions. Yes! This Majic PAINTS is the best solution to re-paint vinyl shutters.

This paint is not only suitable for vinyl but also suitable for many other surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal and much more. This Majic paint is the perfect way to go in terms of outdoor painting. This paint is too much easy to apply to any surface since it sticks well without priming and sanding as well.

This Repurpose paint is simply remarkable and high-quality satin finishes on the market. With a strong, long-lasting finish, it offers excellent adherence to practically any interior or external surface. This water base composition provides more ease and safety in a solution that, in most cases, outperforms traditional oil-based paints.

Now it is time to talk about the outcomes of this painting. It is a premium-quality paint that can be said without any doubt. This paint ensures a durable, long-lasting, as well as a protective coating over your vinyl shutters. It also comes with excellent coverage that will help you save your bank.


  1. This paint has Excellent Color Retention

  2. It ensures an impressive smooth finishing

  3. It can be applied without sanding and priming


  1. This paint is relatively thin.

3. Dupli-Color High-Performance Spray Paint

Dupli-Color High-Performance Spray Paint

By doing it yourself, you may get professional results without paying a professional’s expensive rates. Dupli-Color High-Performance Spray Paint makes the DIY task much more breeze. This Dupli-Color formula is a high-performing spray paint for vinyl shutters that is really excellent in paint quality.

This Dupli-Color Spray Paint is a worldwide OEM EXACT-MATCH for domestic as well as imported vinyl shutters. High-Performance Spray Paint from Dupli-Color beats its rivals and quickly and simply creates a durable, protective as well as professional-quality finish. Instead of being all spewed, the spray that comes out of the can itself is a beautiful mist.

This spray paint can cover a good enough area and will save your bank and valuable time. The indoor and outdoor useability of this paint makes it much more adaptable for your painting project. Thankfully, it comes with an EZ Touch Conical Tip that sprays over the surface effortlessly.

With its professional and impressive paint quality that prevents cracking, peeling, and chipping, it raises the bar for quality. The glossy surface gives the product a smooth, sophisticated look that is similar to that of expert vinyl shutters. Its exceptional pigment quality adds a lovely splash of color to any boring surface or paint.


  1. Resists flaking, cracking, and peeling

  2. This paint comes with an added primer

  3. It comes with an excellent nozzle design


  1. This spray paint is relatively expensive.

4. Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer

Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer

Using paint and primer in one is significantly more practical for painting surfaces. It is the reason I like this Krylon ColorMaster spray paint, particularly when updating jobs involving brushed nickel finishes. This spray paint reveals a simple and refined touch since it has the ideal amount of shine and a soft matte finish.

Aside from that, this spray paint doesn’t require a lot of coat reapplications. Amazingly, the first application is enough to bring out the colour. Thus, the lovely polished nickel you desire can already be achieved with a few light coatings.

This spray paint performs a superb job whether you require brushed nickel for vinyl shutters that needs re-paint. The gloss, as well as quality, really bring to mind this spray paint in brushed nickel, which readily covers and simply updates surfaces. It prevents leaking and uneven textures by drying to the touch in 10 minutes or less.

This spray paint is dependable for large-scale projects because of its EZ Touch dial spray nozzle design, which provides 360-degree exposure for smooth, broad, and even coatings. Additionally, it may be applied on painted as well as bare surfaces as lengthy protection to avoid damage.


  1. Ensures strong and protective coating

  2. This paint comes with built-in primer

  3. This spray ensures excellent coverage


  1. It is highly expensive than others.

5. VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can

VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can

Do you want to change or restore the color of your vinyl shutters? VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can is the best solution to get this job done easily and perfectly. This high-quality spray paint can give your vinyl shutters a whole new appearance by ensuring a protective coating over the surface.

In comparison to other spray paints, it has the significant benefit that pushing the tip is not difficult, reducing about 80% of efforts. It leaves behind a lovely baked-on surface that is impervious to moisture, rust, and other pollutants as it dries. The paint’s durability and inability to be scratched off make it even more stunning.

VHT Vinyl Dye Black Satin Can is able to alter the appearance of any vinyl shutters. This paint is extremely resilient against cracking as well as fading. The dye endures amazingly well when prepared properly. The flexible spray tip guarantees ease of use and thorough coverage.

Because it can deliver quality coverage with only one spray, this spray is incredibly cost-effective and completes the task quickly. As a result, it saves a lot of time. Although using the product inside is also advised, extra caution should still be used because little vapors can still be ingested.


  1. VHT ensure an excellent satin finish

  2. This formula guarantees tight sealing

  3. This paint is available in a different color


  1. A little disappointing in coverage

Best paint for vinyl shutters: Buying Guide

While you are browsing an online shop or are in a physical shop to buy the best paint for vinyl shutters, there are several things to consider to choose the best one. The marketplace is full of different types of paint; however, not all paints are suitable for painting vinyl shutters.

A suitable paint for vinyl shutter should have some exclusive features like excellent durability, ease of use, coverage and much more. Choosing the right vinyl paint may be challenging, whether you are an expert or not. Let’s explore the guide to buying the perfect paint for vinyl shutters that will help you to get the best formula easily.

Type of Paint

The type of paint is the first and foremost thing that you have to consider before investing in new paint. There are two types of paint available for vinyl shutters; Drum paints and Spray paint. Drum paints are rich in quality than spray paint but a bit more expensive.

On the other hand, spray paints are affordable, but they will wastage more paint. However, spray paint is easier to use on vinyl shutters since these shutters have tricky edges. But you can also paint your shutters easily using an angled brush. So, if you are aware of the quality and finishing, then you should go for drum paint; otherwise, spray paint is for you.

Paint Coverage

Coverage is one of the major aspects that you should consider buying any paint for your paintwork. The paint that comes with a low coverage will cost you a lot as well as consume much more time for your painting project. On the other hand, paints that have excellent coverage will save you money and time as well. In terms of coverage, gallon paint provides more advantages than spray paint.

Durability/ Paint Life

How long is the vinyl paint intended to last? Yes, you can count on the majority of vinyl paints to last long on the surface. However, you ought to pick one that won’t require constant re-painting. Paint life is also the amount of time it takes for a pint to double in thickness. Consider the silk as well as sheen vinyl shutter paints to last more time than the matte vinyl paint.

Color Selection

Nobody ever wants to choose a hue that won’t enhance the beauty of the surfaces. A rich hue should be present in vinyl paint. Pick bright colors to paint on vinyl. Some businesses combine many hues. It will enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Keep in mind that certain paints may have deeper hues than others. Select a luxurious option that suits your preferences.

Ease of use

Ease of use is another notable thing that you should consider buying paint for your paintwork. While some paints need prime before applying them, some package comes with a built-in primer that is excellently easy to use and save your money. There are also several paints that come with topcoat and primer. So, you should choose such a kind of paint that you can use with minimal effort.

Cost Of Paint

Vinyl shutters paint is available at different pricing, and this cost may vary a lot. The price of the paint for vinyl shutters depends on the type of paint, color selection, finishing type and much more. Moreover, gallon paint is much more expensive than spray paint. A can of spray paint for vinyl shutters will cost you around $5 to $15. On the other hand, the price per gallon will be around $15 to $50.

The FAQs

Like wood shutters, vinyl shutters can also be painted. If you apply thinner applications and use a wide, flat paintbrush, painting this type of shutters is simple. Before applying the next layer, let the one before it is completely dry. Avoid attempting to paint the shutter completely in a single coat.

Spray paint is the simplest and fastest technique to paint vinyl shutters. Carefully evaluate the paint kind while keeping the shutters’ material in mind. Before preparing the shutters using primer paint or a little scuffing using sandpaper, take them outside to a shady place after removing them.
If your vinyl shutter goes dull or the paint over the vinyl shutter is damaged, you have two options in your hand; paint the shutters or replace them. While replacing vinyl shutters is more expensive, painting them is a cost-effective way to give your property a whole new look. So, if your vinyl shutters are not damaged seriously, painting them is a more cost-effective option.

If you are more interested to drum paint over spray paint, you have to option to paint; brush or roller brush. Painting a vinyl shutter with a roller brush is totally impossible since the shutter has tricky edges. To reach these edged with paint, you should use an angled brush. Although painting a shutter with a brush is a bit tacky, it will provide you more quality outcome than spray paint.

It is a frequently asked question, is it important to prime a vinyl shutter before painting? Priming any surface before applying paint helps the paint to stick well. Moreover, priming any surface gives a better and better finishing of paint. So, you should consider priming your vinyl paint before painting. However, if you invest in a paint that has built-in prime, then you don’t have to prime the surface.
Vinyl has a tendency to reject liquids like paint, making it difficult to paint. Therefore, you must sand the shutters and other parts before painting them to ensure that the paint sticks. You can use sandpaper with 220 or 240 grains.

Wrap Up

Painting your vinyl shutters is the best approach to update the appearance of your exterior. Shutters may start to discolor or peel with time. And it could be time for an upgrade if you chose a hot hue ten years ago. Here we reviewed the top 5 Best paint for vinyl shutters available on the current market. So, get the best paint and start your paintwork and give your property a stunning appearance.

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