How to paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture

How to paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture

How to paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture

A quick and straightforward method to add design and personalized furniture to your house is to paint your laminate furniture. Painting laminate furniture provides a whole new appearance to the furniture and makes it more unique. So, do you know How to paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture?

Painting over Laminate Furniture is not challenging; you can do it by following the proper methods. The procedure of painting Laminate Furniture is associated with some easy steps. The most straightforward process is to sand your furniture, prime them and then apply paint to the furniture.

However, getting the ideal and perfect supplies to paint furniture is also essential. You should also prepare Laminate Furniture in a proper way for painting. How do you prepare Laminate Furniture, how do you select materials, and how do you paint?

Tips for painting over high gloss Laminate Furniture

Before start painting over high gloss Laminate Furniture, you should consider several things to get this job done perfectly. These things include choosing the right paint, paintbrush, and other things. These tips will help you to get the best supplies for painting Laminate Furniture.

Get the Best Paint For Laminate Furniture

Paint selection is a crucial part of painting Laminate Furniture. There are different types of paint available that you can use to paint Laminate. You really can paint the laminate with nearly any paint after priming it with a kind of primer that adheres effectively. However, some paints are superior to others!

However, in my opinion, Chalk Finish Paint like Country Chic Paint is the best way to go in terms of paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture. You can also use Enamel, Mineral, or Oil-based paint like Rust-Oleum 7779502 to paint Laminate Furniture. Acrylic paint is also one of the best paints for laminate countertops and furniture.

Get the Best brush to paint Laminate Furniture

Your home design may be updated by painting your furniture. It will be simpler and less stressful to complete your DIY tasks if you use the correct paintbrush. However, you can use a roller brush to paint your Laminate Furniture. In terms of painting Laminate Furniture, a high-quality, durable, and compact paintbrush like Wooster Brush Q3211-2 is the best way to go through.

How to paint over high gloss laminate furniture

Painting over high gloss Laminate Furniture is not challenging if you follow the proper technique. Here I’ll go through the step-by-step process of painting Laminate Furniture. So, let’s explore How to paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture:

Step-01: Remove several parts

You must first take off any doors and drawers from the furniture that will be undergoing the renovation procedure. Remove any hardware as well, such as the cabinet knobs as well as drawer pulls. You must number all drawers as you remove them so that they can quickly and easily reinstall in the same sequence.

Step-02: Clean your Furniture

After removing those parts, you now need to clean these parts of laminate furniture. Use a dry cloth to eliminate all the specks of dirt and dust particles from the furniture surface. Never use a wet cloth to clean laminate furniture because water can harm laminate material.

Step-03: Repair laminate furniture

After cleaning your furniture, you should now repair it. Check laminate furniture for any bubbles or perforation, or deep scratches. If you find any perforation, bubbles, or deep scratches, then repair them using a wood filler like Elmer’s E868 Carpenter’s Wood Filler.

Step-04: Sand the surface

After the wood filling has completely dried, you now have to sand your furniture. To sand laminate furniture, you should use 80-grit sandpaper. Sanding the surface will eliminate excessive wood fillers and make them level with the surface. It will also let you remove tiny bubbles from the surface. Sand all the surfaces of the laminate furniture where you want to paint.

Step-05: Prime your Furniture

You should prime before painting over high gloss laminate furniture. The best technique to guarantee strong adherence and thorough paint coverage is to use a primer. Priming the laminate furniture surface will help to stick the paint better and give it a sleeker finish. An oil-based primer like Zinsser 00904 B-I-N Pigmented Shellac Primer is the best option to prime laminate furniture.
You should apply a couple of primer coats to the high gloss laminate furniture. So, apply the first coat of primer to your furniture’s those parts where you want to paint. Prime them using a brush or roller and let them dry completely. After this first primer coating has dried thoroughly, sand the surface lightly, apply the second primer coat, and let it dry.

Step-06: Apply Paint

Finally, your laminate furniture’s different parts are ready to paint, and you should now apply paint to them. You can use a brush, roller, or even a paint spray gun to apply paint to your furniture. However, using a paint spray gun will provide you with a more glossy finish.

To prevent any noticeable brush strokes or air bubbles, apply the paint in broad, even strokes as well as thin coats. All of your furniture’s exposed surfaces need to be painted. After the initial layer of paint has completely dried, apply a second coat.

Step-07: Reinstall the Parts

Reinstall your furniture’s hardware, drawers, and doors to complete the process. Use a little brush to touch up any blemishes or scrapes as well.

Wrap Up

You can give your old furniture a whole new look by painting it. It will also help you to make your bedroom much more impressive. The painting procedure gets a little trickier when it comes to furniture that has a high-gloss laminate surface. However, here we discussed How to paint over high gloss Laminate Furniture. Following the step-by-step process above, you can easily paint your high gloss Laminate Furniture.

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