How to Paint Shutters With a Brush: Easy and Effective Way

How to paint shutters with a brush

Are you willing to enhance your curb appeal and give your exterior a whole new look? Painting doors and shutters can enhance curb appeal as well as can give the exterior a great appearance. While doors are relatively easy to paint, shutters are a bit challenging if you are not a pro. So willing to know How to paint shutters with a brush?

While a paint spray machine is the easiest way to paint shutters, it is also too costly. Painting them with a brush is more inexpensive and provides you with a far better outcome. However, you might find it a little difficult to paint shutters with a brush. But you can do it easily by following appropriate tricks.


This article is going to describe the easiest method to paint a shutter with a brush. So, continue reading this article, follow the step-by-step guide and get this task done easily.

Can I Paint Shutters With a Brush?

You can use a brush and paint spray machine to complete this job. Shutters come with much more edges than a plain window. So, using a paint spray machine is easier to paint shutters. However, a paint spray machine will not provide you with quality painting as manual brush paint provides.


Painting your shutter using a brush will provide an excellent finish. However, it will be a little difficult if you are a novice. So, how to paint shutters with a brush like a professional? Let’s explore it.

Materials and Tools Selection

Before starting your paintwork, you should get the appropriate materials and tools. Since you are going to paint shutters, an angler brush like Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut can help you to get the job easily and efficiently. Yes, an angler brush will help the paint to reach each and every edge of the shutters. So, choose a high-quality angled brush with at least 2″ dimension.


Paint is another thing that you should choose wisely. There are different types of paint available with different color options. You have to choose such a kind of high-quality paint that is highly compatible with your shutter’s material and your color preference.

How to Paint Shutters With a Brush?

So, after gathering all the things you require, let’s take a look at how you can easily paint shutters with a brush.

Step-01: Remove shutters

To start painting shutters with a brush, you should first remove shutters from their frame. Then place it horizontally in a safe place. Removing and placing shutters horizontally will give you more ease in painting them. However, you can also paint them without removing them.

Step-02: Prepare Shutters

It is one of the essential steps you should consider to paint your shutters. Your ability to properly prepare your shutters for painting will determine whether the finished product is ugly and peeling or perfect and beautiful. However, you have to follow a different process to prepare different shutters based on manufacturing materials.

Wood Shutters

Eliminate previous paint coats. Majority of old paint should be removed with a paint scraper or even a chemical solution. Use medium-grade sandpaper to gently sand the shutters. Now apply primer to the shutters. After applying an external primer to the wood using a brush or spray, let it dry. After drying the primer entirely now, it is time to start painting.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutter should be cleaned and primed before it can be painted. Cleaning with any ordinary home bleach or detergent is the simplest method. You can clean old paint and difficult stains with lacquer thinner.

Scrub those areas after applying the thinner on a cloth or paper towel. You can remove stains without harming the surface by using a soft bristle brush. After cleaning all the dust and stains, apply prime to the shutters.

Plastic Shutters

Like vinyl, this type of shutter should be thoroughly cleaned and also primed before painting. You can use any plastic cleaning solution to clean. You should apply a primer layer first because the paint won’t adhere well to raw plastic. For plastic shutters, you have to get a primer that is developed especially for plastics.

Step-03: Remove/Cover Hardware

It is the last step before starting paintwork. You may not like to stick the paint on the hardware attached to shutters. No one would like it since it looks very worst. So, you should remove that hardware or cover them with tape. You should also cover those areas where you don’t want to paint.

Step-04: Apply Paint

After ensuring covering, you can now start painting. So, load your brush with light color and then apply it to shutters.

Step-4.1: You should apply paint to the edges of your shutters first. Paint all edges of shutters properly.

Step-4.2: After completing the painting of all edges, now it is time to paint the slat’s edges. To reach between slats, use an angled brush.

Step-4.3: Now move to the slats and paint them thoroughly. To paint slats, take less color to the brush and sweep your brush slowly over all slats one by one.

After completing all slats of paint, leave shutters for several moments to dry them thoroughly. If you want to apply another coat of paint, then apply paint following the same steps above and leave the shutters again to dry.

Step-05: Attach shutters with the frame

Now remove tapes from the hardware and attach shutters to the frame by placing bolts and nails in the right place. Well Done!

The FAQs

Can you paint shutters with a Roller brush?

No! It is not possible to paint shutters with a roller brush. Shutters come with much more critical edges. Roller brushes can’t reach those edges means colors will also not be able to get those edges. So, you can paint your shutter with a roller.

Can you paint vinyl shutters with a brush?

You can paint a vinyl shutter just like any other shutter. You can paint it using an angler-wide brush. However, this type of shutter needs multiple coats to cover appropriately. So, let the first layer completely dry before applying the next layer.

Is brushing paint better than spraying?


Brushing is frequently preferable to using a paint spray machine when a problematic area must be fixed. Additionally, brushing is a fantastic technique to save paint. Even though less paint is used while brushing, the paint applies thicker.

Wrap Up


Painting window/door shutters is more straightforward than it seems in reality. Those shutters will quickly look gleaming and brand-new with only a little preparatory work and a few basic procedures. Here we described How to paint shutters with a brush. By following our method, you can easily paint it with a brush.

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